The Turkish Embassy in Muscat has upgraded its fleet of cars

As the threat of both domestic and foreign threat has increased in Muscat due to the increased political tensions in the Turkish Embassy in Muscat has upgraded its fleet of cars to Mercedes Benz Guard series as it gives the Turkish Embassy staff the best protection. The new Mercedes Benz S600 Guard is the top of the line model that has been totally set ready to protect against fire arms, hand grenades, and many other forms of arms.

This upgrade of its fleet has been financed with Mercedes Benz financial leasing to ensure both financial freedom that is combined with the safety the Mercedes S600 Guard can offer the embassy staff. The reason to choose for the Mercedes Benz Guard models over similar versions made by Lexus, BMW or Audi is primarily based on the low cost financial leasing structure that the with Mercedes Benz Financial Leasing department could bring to us. Another important reason to choose for with Mercedes Benz over its main competitors is that Mercedes has a more wide choice of tailor-made options for us that can better fit our high demands for protection. The aim of the financial lease of the cars is that it keeps the costs of both the purchase and insuring the cars at a constant low and affordable level.



Holiday in Muscat

muscatHaving lived in the western world all my life, a holiday to the Middle East sounded a little off beat when my friends first mentioned to me. Whatever the place was, I just wanted to move away from the city chaos in Los Angeles. I always saw the Middle East as shown in the movies but coming here, I can safely say, it one of the best places in the world. The Sultanate of Oman is a pretty cool (and, dry) country around the Christmas time. An annual vacation to Muscat was a delightful experience.

When we arrived in Muscat, it was rather humid and warm. Thankfully, the winters in the desert area bring in cool evenings. My friends and I rented a villa by the beach. The first night was an absolute cracker with steaks, beer, meat balls, and Arabian music. Thanks to my bread maker, I didn’t need to spend hot afternoons without my favorite dish. All through the seven days of our stay, we met the locals, shopped at the local markets, went swimming by the beach, desert safaris, etc.

The whole world here is pretty different than the one back home but clearly, Muscat is filled with hospitable and welcoming people. Come next year and I’m probably back again.


Calculating GPA is Key to a Student’s Success

GPA calculators help to determine your grade point average.  The points given for a grade are divided into the total credit hours earned for a particular class and the result is your grade point average.  An ‘A’ is the equivalent of 4 points and an ‘F’ is the equivalent of 0 points.  The number associated with the grade is used to perform the calculations that determine GPA.  GPA’s are important information for the education detail listed on a resume.  This information gives a potential employer an idea of the job candidate’s character.  If the applicant was hard working and intelligent as a student, that same hard work ethic could translate well into a diligent, hard working employee.

To use the GPA calculator, enter the classes and the credit hours taking each class earns.  GPA calculators can be used to calculate grade point averages for college courses and high school courses.  As long as the grading system is point-based or letter-based with references to a numerical system, like the following indicates:
A = 4.0                        C+ = 2.3
A-=3.7                        C = 2.0
B+ = 3.33                    C- = 1.7
B = 3.0                        D+ = 1.3
B- = 2.7                        D = 1.0
D- = 0.70

Based on the grades received, the equivalent numerical figure is included in the calculations.  It is as important to know the credit hours received for a course as it is to know what grades were received for the course.  Credit hours are listed on the official course schedule and are normally listed next to the course on any curriculum list.  If for some reason the student doesn’t have this information, it can be obtained from the Dean’s office of the school.  This total number of credit hours for all classes is combined for a particular school period, a semester or quarter and then used as the number in which to divide the grades.

The GPA calculator takes this information and then makes the necessary calculations.  An example would be a student attempting to obtain a Bachelors degree in Science in the field of Graphic Design.  In order to keep his scholarship he is required to maintain a 3.0 GPA.  If his school divides education periods into quarters, he attends school in 4 month periods.  So every 4 months or every quarter his GPA must equal 3.0.  If he takes 5 courses:  Photoshop II for 3 credits; Typography I for 2 credits; Illustrator IV for 3 credits; AutoCAD for 4 credits and Advertising 203 for 3 credits.  If the grades earned are one A, two A-‘s, one B- and one C+, the grade point average is 3.35.  This student will continue to receive his scholarship for school.

The GPA calculator is an important tool for students hoping to continue in receiving assistance for tuition and other expenses, when their GPA is directly associated with their qualifications for that assistance.  The GPA calculator also helps students properly inform others of their scholastic performance, such as employers and other schools they may wish to attend.  Many schools determine their admittance based on a student’s academic performance.  Knowing your GPA could mean the difference between getting in the school of your choice and not being considered or being rejected.  The GPA Calculator keeps students in a position to always know their status in school so that they can share this information with the other parties like employers or other learning institutions.


My Short Term Loan Solution

Recently My wife and I decided we wanted to go on holiday and we had seen this great deal but the problem was that we needed to pay for the entire holiday because it was a late deal. My credit card is maxed out and I knew that I would be able to pay this back off as soon as I got paid in a couple of weeks time.

I looked into a bank overdraft but the interest and late payment fees for every transaction would cost me and arm and a leg. So I searched the internet and found the perfect solution for me. I found a site offering a cash loan of anything up to £1000. I only needed £600 as after all it was a cracking deal. But I borrowed the full amount to give me some spending money too. I applied online and got my money in my account within an hour of applying and just in time to get this last minute deal.

My wife and I are happy now knowing that we can go on holiday and chill out and I can pay this back when I get paid, which is whilst I’ll be away.


Retiring in Istanbul

In my sixty-two years or I’ve never had such ease when searching for property to rent in Turkey, specifically Istanbul. Istanbul is an ancient city full of mystery and wonder, and with regards to real estate brokers, deceit. I have rented nearly 20 Flats and houses over the years in Turkey. But never before was I able to use the Internet search function. I was able to have filters to find places that I wanted to live, and housing that fits my needs. When I had no family I was constantly pushed into bigger houses, when I got married, we were constantly trying to save money and forced into smaller flats. But this time I think I’ve cracked it. This is an incredibly perfect place for me and my wife to grow old together. Okay, we’re already old, no need to snicker. Older I should say.

Making appointments was much easier now that I had e-mail addresses to correspond with rather than waiting for return phone call. People are much more willing to give a quick response over an e-mail then over the phone. People like to be in a quiet place when they call, and have had a few moments to think out what they are going to say and think about how the conversation will go. Sending out e-mails is always going to be easier. Eventually text messaging or Facebook messaging will  surplant even e-mail. Most young people today don’t have e-mail addresses, they don’t think they are necessary. Most teens have Facebook accounts only. And most of those accounts show awful lot more than just contact details.

There’s never been a better time finds your dream apartments here in Istanbul, Turkey. And if you aren’t searching with the web, you’re doing yourself a disservice, get online and get searching.

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My Favourite Smell is Lavender

I often wander around my garden, and i always stop at my lavender bushes and enjoy my favourite smell in all the world.

Lavender bushes are really easy to grow.  You can buy a small lavender bush from a garden centre.  Then you can either plant directly into the garden or into large containers.  They look very good planted in purple pots next to lean to greenhouses.  The bush will stay green all year and will flower in the summer.

The flowers grow very tall and are very fragrant.  They attract lots of bees to the garden.  The lavender bush will flower for approximately two months and it helps to feed it once a week.  The flowers can also be picked and put in a vase in the house.


Business Case: The Willingness to Blog for Business Success

It is always about dealing with first impressions once you execute your business case in online communities, in your business websites and social media sites. Therefore, it is necessary that you produce an effective business case, in which you can develop your perspectives about the priority to consider blogging as a stepping stone for success.

The most important to consider when planning for a website or social media site based on a personal blog post style is to think first of a unique and professionally branded site name.  Use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to identify popular terms and interesting keywords that you think are closely related to the name of your business blog. You can also go beyond this and look for patented business names so that you prevent any court troubles.

After the planning phase and when you are ready to start a personal blog post, you have to consider some guidelines such as the writing process, blogging etiquette, internet copywriting styles, and editorial standards. If you have business partners or affiliates, discuss with them the potential benefits of a regular blog post. Explain the importance of increasing brand awareness, building an online community of customers and prospects, and improving customer service and relationship through blogging.

If you are a business traveler, you may sustain your blogging responsibilities by making sure that your travel needs are well-organized. Look for cheap and efficient transportation where you can conveniently use your mobile devices and continue monitoring your blog posts without having to worry about possible theft or threat.

On a similar note, you can also write blog posts related to business travelling. Explore options and share your best tips about good food of some favorite destinations of business enthusiasts like you. Write reviews or introduce hotels and related lodging services of some popular tourist locations around the world. You can blog about your business travels and narrate how they helped improve the state of your business.

You may also write about blog posts related to current technology innovations such as mobile applications and internet tools such as time management apps, leisure and education apps, and other apps related to the business you have and to the target audience of your blog posts.

Further, finalize whether you will focus on one target segment of customers and blog readers or whether you will attempt to write various blog posts that relate to current events, diverse reader’s interests and concerns, and many others.


Muscat Muses in Koh Tao

Thailand is a country blessed like few others with an abundance of great beaches. There are literally hundreds of islands and maybe thousands of beaches to choose from  in the Kingdom of Thailand. Why is that then that I keep going back to  the one small island of Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand?

Such is human nature I guess. We find a place that we consider paradise and we are apt to keep going back to the same place. We daren’t risk going to a new place in case it doesn’t live up to the high expectations set by our favorite place. The best I do is to stay on a different beach each time I go to Koh Tao. I’ve stayed at Mae Haad, Sairee, Chalok Baan Kao, Tanote Bay, Mango Bay and Koh Nang Yuan. The latter is composed of three small islands joined by a sand bank. This sand bank is probably my favorite spot in all of Thailand. The sand is immaculate, the water calm and clear and the sky a perfect shade of blue. I love swimming in the sea and spotting the fish.

Koh Tao has the best of both worlds – it has pristine beaches, unspoilt natural scenery as well as some great night life. Most nights of the week there is a party happening on Sairee Beach or at the popular The Castle on the Chalok Baan Kao road. I stay up all night, make friends, drink buckets and stumble happily along the beach back to my bungalow where I blissfully sleep off the alcohol.

And finally, when the mood takes me I book up a dive trip. I try to get to a new dive site each time I go to Koh Tao. Each dive I am rewarded by spotting a new fish or sometimes even a whale shark or turtle.

I really don’t think I’m going to get around to visiting Koh Samui, Phuket or the other countless islands that Thailand has to offer.


Foundation I use to cover wrinkles

Best foundation for dry wrinkles

For as long as I can remember, I have had a problem when it comes to buying makeup. You see, my skin has always been sensitive and it is often very dry. In fact, I can wake up in the morning and have flakey, dry skin even after putting on night cream or moisturizer before going to bed. It is something that I have always been plagued with. When I was younger, I attributed it to the fact that my mom smoked her cigarettes in the house. And after moving into my own apartment, my skin did get a little better but it was still dry. And now that I am in my fifties, it is still dry. The only difference is that now I also have to deal with wrinkles. Wearing foundation has always been a challenge, thanks to the dry skin flakes, but finding a good anti-aging foundation that works with my dry skin has been even more of a challenge. If you have skin like mine, then you know exactly what I am talking about here.

Revlon Age Defying Foundation with DNA Advantage

One of the first foundation products I found that worked okay is the Revlon Age Defying Foundation with DNA Advantage. I get it in ‘honey beige,’ but it is available in a few different skin tones. The thing that I like the best about it is the price – usually I can get it for around $10 or so. It offers pretty good coverage and works well with my sensitive skin. For my dry skin problem though, it is just okay. I can get through about half the day before I have to re-apply because it is caking and the dry skin flakes are starting to show. For a long time though, this was the absolute best foundation that I could find to hide my wrinkles and deal with my dry skin. Fortunately for me, I kept looking for the perfect product and one of the best foundation to cover wrinkles.

Tarte ReCreate Anti-Aging Foundation With Wrinkle Rewind Technology

The best foundation I have found is the Tarte ReCreate Anti-Aging Foundation With Wrinkle Rewind Technology. This stuff is a real lifesaver if you have dry skin like me but want to diminish the appearance of your wrinkles. I think one of the reasons that it works so well is that it is a natural foundation with all sorts of minerals in it. I can’t remember what all of them are, but I do know that I do not see any dry skin flakes during the day when I use this foundation. The only downside to it is the price – it is about three times the cost of the Revlon foundation. However, it works best for me so I do not really mind paying more for it. It keeps my skin looking smooth and free of dry skin flakes, which can be embarrassing when you discover them in the mirror.


What I’ve Learned About the World Economy

From living in different parts of the world with radically different customs, courtesies and culture I have discovered one underlying factor that seems to be a boost for different economies:  personal responsibility.  Personal responsibility is at the root of any healthy economy.   Governments can regulate, legislate and magistrate all they want but at the end of the day it’s up to the people to take control of their own personal finances and contribute to a healthy economy.  My finances are healthy and secure as I use an amortization schedule to ensure that I do my part in fiscal responsibility and can actually afford to pay my mortgage loan on a monthly basis.  It’s amazing how this type of responsibility isn’t encouraged in many cultures.  Personal responsibility among citizens is unquestionably what leads a nation to economic success.


All Because of a Craving

All because of a craving I will have to be in traffic accident claims court in two weeks.  If only I had not seen the commercial for my favorite cheeseburger I could stayed in my pjs and off the road. But no! Off to get a burger and fries I went.

I got my burger and started to head home. I was almost there. Only 7 houses away but instead of arriving to the driveway I hit a park car. Why did I do this? Because out of nowhere the neighbor’s dog came running from towards the side of my vehicle!  I jerked the wheel and that was all it took. BAM!

It was humiliating to knock on the door to my neighbor house to tell them they parked car now had damaged. To make matters even worse the car I hit was owned by their visiting Grandpa Bob! I am sure that was no away he wanted to start his vacation.


Getting Juicy With It

Fruits – sweet, delicious, juicy and good for you. Is there a better food on the planet? Today I want to introduce you to the joy of muscat grapes. You can eat them fresh, eat them as raisins and you can even juice them. You can find out more about juicing and what sort of machine is best for the job by looking at online juicer reviews websites.

Grapes are really enjoyable to eat and help us when we want to detox our body. This means that a meal can be as many grapes as you can eat! In other words, just keep on eating grapes until you are full.

When it comes to picking the best grapes, this is what Produce Pete has to say:

Look for plump, smooth grapes with good color. They should be firmly attached to a fresh-looking green stem, with no evidence of wrinkling or withering. There should be a dusty bloom on the skin of the grape itself. Like the dusty bloom on blueberries, it’s a naturally occurring substance that helps protect the grapes and is a good indication of freshness. Green or white grapes will have a golden glow when they’re ripe; red grapes will be a soft, rich red, and black grapes will have a deep, blue-black color

The bottom line is that the fresher your grapes, the more nutrients they will contain. Not only that, they will taste the best too. While other fruits will ripen after they are picked, the fact that grapes don’t means that we should pick them ripe and eat them as soon as possible.


What I Like About The Neato XV-11 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Strong Suction
The biggest pro is that the Neato XV-11 is a true vacuum and not a sweeping-vac like all other robotic vacuums on the market.  It has very powerful suction that can compare with that of any upright vacuum cleaner.  Many users report that they are amazed at the enormous amount of pet hair and dust that it sucks up.  Most people run their Neato XV-11 daily and only use their upright once a week for deep cleaning.

Low Maintenance
The Neato is very low maintenace.  The only maintenance invilved is cleaning the dustbin when it is full.  The dustbin is opend by lifting the filte.  This means that the dustbin can be removed from the XV-11, taken to the bin and emptied out with hardly any mess.

The Neato has a control panel allowing you to schedule automatic cleaning daily for up to seven days.  This is brilliant as you can schedule the Neato to do your cleaning while you are at work.  Nothing beats coming home to a freshly vacuumed house!


Security Guard: How I Made It a Career

security guard jobsI never thought of landing a security guard job when I was growing up.  Children don’t normally say that they want to be a security guard when they’re asked what they want to be when they grow up.  It’s usually something along the lines of being a policeman, a pilot, a firefighter, or other similarly exciting jobs.

But, sometime during my high school years, I came to see the promise of making a career out of being a security guard.  It’s a relatively uneventful job and quite solitary if you think about it.  But, it is also an interesting job especially if you work in a busy establishment – the night shifts are still kind of a challenge for me.  The fact that I did not have the luxury or time and money to get a four year degree, bolstered my interest in becoming a security guard.  And so, I researched my options and found out how I could start a career as a security guard.

My first hurdle was to get certified in a 2-year associate degree program in line with criminal justice or security management studies.  I heard that some establishments do not really require formal education to hire a security guard.  But since I was serious in making it a career and I wanted to get into the top security firms, I opted to gain the necessary education and training to be able to get accepted into the best security guard jobs.

Just like in any other college course, my security guard course involved basic skills as oral and written communication, math, problem solving, and decision making.  Additional competencies such as those with regard to security legislation, standard operating procedures, weaponry, surveillance, first aid, and detection among others were also tackled during the course of my schooling.

After completing my associate’s degree, I then had to undergo licensing which meant that I had to take a written examination, a back ground check, and a drug test.  By the time I was 20, I was ready to be employed as a security guard.  In the California hotel where I am now working, I have to continue to attend eight hours of additional training every year to retain my license and to be able to continue growing in the career.


Personal Blog – Learn & Share

BlogingThe main aim of blogging is to share useful information or personal experiences with other internet users. Apart from commercializing the site and reaping from the benefits, it boils down to personal satisfaction when people get informed through your personal perspective. This is what makes personal blog a success. One can decide to do a personal blog on Cordyceps.

One can take many approaches. If you are a user who used the remedy and got healed, then you can inform others on how Cordyceps works for one. For your story to be comprehensive, you must segment it into various pages. One can talk about how to get Cordyceps. Another page can be about how to use it and then the third one should be about how to ship it to one locati0n. All this should be based on personal experience.

Since it is a personal blog, one is allowed to use the first person writing style; even though one can also talk on general information about Cordyceps. This is by creating another page that one can update information about the same once information is obtained. The blog about Cordyceps should also be interactive. One can make the personal blog interactive by allowing readers leave their comments. This is to get to know what the blog visitors have to say about the personal blog and which perspective your next articles would dwell on.

Just like any other online site, one should understand what his or her online target audience wants to read on Cordyceps. Writing the blog in 1st person style will also give a writer the courage to ask personal questions concerning Cordyceps such as the duration it took to work, the side effects, if any, among many other questions. You will thus find yourself full of ideas on how to run the blog. Since this is a new remedy that has captured the imagination of the world, be sure to have a lengthy blogging about Cordyceps


Back In England After Living In Muscat

As a qualified Civil Engineer I have had the opportunity to work in some wonderful countries around the world but the lure of England and its green and pleasant land is never far away. To be honest, the wife missing her family is probably the main reason we always return back home but I like to have a change every now and again too. The old adage of ‘variety is the spice of life’ is certainly very true.

My most recent assignment was in Muscat in Oman and I loved every minute of it. The people were friendly, the food was great, there was a lot of history to see and learn about, and the weather was absolutely wonderful. Getting back to a dreary Birmingham in January has been quite a shock I can tell you!

Luckily for my wife and I, my father in law has been busy renovating a lovely farmhouse for us whilst we were away. We had come home to see the family and go house hunting and found this wonderful building. The problem was it was just a shell so it needed everything sorting out – wiring, new central heating system, full interior decor – the works. Luckily my father in law is a builder and he has been a bit short of work in the recent poor economic climate so it was a great project for him to sink his teeth into.

To his credit, when my wife and I finally got home and moved in we were amazed at what a wonderful job he had done for us. It really did help to make our move back from the middle east a really smooth transition.


Buy Pet Meds Online Safely

Agreed you love your pet and cannot bear, if it falls ill. You run to a vet at the earliest. Vet says, nothing serious, but you feel, there is something seriously wrong. You me and everybody who owns and loves a pet, would have faced this situation at some point. Few medications for pet when used daily will help maintain its health, ask your vet for any supplemental medications needed. With many trusted vendors selling these pet meds online and offering free delivery to door step, there is an easier way to stay stress free.

Online portals for medications should be checked for authenticity and online safety, if it needs you to pay using your credit card. There are online portals for every kind of shopping. From grocery shopping to jewelry shopping, clothes and accessories to automatic litter box, shopping is done online. For an online sale to occur, a client has to trust the vendor. So, do not go to a website blindly and give credit card details. Install and use tools that notify harmful or insecure websites.

Alternately, you can choose websites that ask you to pay cash on delivery. Most websites do not have proper return policies and money refunds. I would not go online shopping on a new, or a lesser known website. Well, how do you know if a website is popular? Discuss when you are out, or when chatting with friends online. With internet, ways of communicating have undergone a sea change. Use this to your advantage and stay safe.


Why I’m Thinking of Treating Myself to a Dolce Gusto Picccolo

The Dolce Gusto Piccolo, created by Nestle, comes in various styles and colours and can be bought either over the internet or at a local store, mall or supermarket. This particular coffee maker has both good points and bad points, although it does get mostly four to five star review ratings on the internet. It is not a perfect coffee maker by any means, but it is well made and does provide near instant coffee in a convenient manner. Individuals who have a fast-paced life are sure to appreciate using this coffee maker, as it is quick, easy to maintain and provides decent coffee. The Piccolo has gotten very good internet review ratings, which shows that it is a popular machine with many users.


My Freelance Job: Web Designer an Awesome Online Career

It has been 3 years now since I’ve decided to quit my office work job and focus more on my online work as a freelance web designer. I don’t feel any regrets of choosing a career that I dearly love to do—web designing. But, before I came to this decision of being a full-time online web designer, took a great deal of planning, studying and learning the skills required to become a competent web designer. The good thing about any online job is you can avail online trainings as well as acquire software tools to enhance your skills either as a web designer, programmer or writer. You just have to prioritize which among the various online trainings you should take first. I, myself being an artistic individual who had been very passionate in creating artistic designs, availed most educational learning dealing in web design. I even availed the Photoshop free download for my first attempt to master the web designing skills and creativity. Although, this skill cannot be learned overnight, with determination I was able to finish the entire training course with flying colors.

If you are already tempted to try an online career, then consider this web designing job. Not only it will allow you to earn more money, but will also give you the chance to bring your creative ideas into actual use with the creation website designs.

For your information, an online web designer key role is to create a truly unique and artistic website for your prospective employer. The work itself can be demanding because you have to put all your best effort and creative ideas for your work to be approved and be published finally for your client’s website.

If you have the passion in designing websites,  the capacity to work well even for remote employers and continually meet their specific standards, then, this online work can be a rewarding career for you where compensation is big.

If this online career had worked out for my benefit and interest, you too can achieve this. Just believe in your potentials and learn to fully utilize your skills. Online works offer you more freedom to work anywhere, anytime and at the comforts of your home unlike traditional jobs where you need to go to a working place for your work.

So, if you got what it takes to become a web designer, give this fantastic online job a try. Who knows you can be the best web designer in town. Now is the right time to venture to this online work. If I made it big, you too have a fair chance of winning a high paying job as web designer.


How Starbucks Got Its Start

If you are considering filling out a Starbucks application and working in one the many Starbucks locations – or becoming a partner as the company calls it – learning a little more about the company is always interesting, and may be even useful during the interview process.

The first Starbucks location opened in Seattle in 1971 and it was decided to name the store after a character from the book Moby Dick – first mate Starbuck. The founders thought that the name would bring to mind “the romance of the high seas and the seafaring tradition of the early coffee traders”

In 40 years the Starbucks concept has spread all over the world and there are now 15,000 stores in 50 different countries. Since 1987 on average Starbucks has opened a new store, somewhere in the world, on a daily basis and there are more than 137,000 employees, which is more than the population of Greenland!


The Good Stuff That We Ate As We Were Growing Up

I always tell people that they haven’t tasted real grapes unless they have had real muscat. When I was growing up we used to have muscat on our property and that thing is delicious on at any time of harvest. Even birds used to go nuts about it and for that reason we preferred to gather muscat a little earlier before the birds got to it. The grape has a really strong flavor to it and there is no way you can mistake it for something else, once you taste it you know it’s muscat!

We had a lot of great fruits on our property, good flavors, unlike the stuff you get in supermarkets that taste like nothing. We used to have a lot of great nutritious fruits and vegetables in our diet when we were kids, unfortunately at the same time we used to eat way too much meat, I mean really really way too much, and I bet many problems us, our parents and our grandparents experienced with their health were associated with this. We knew little to nothing about eating healthy, nobody really got checked for any medical conditions like diabetes or high cholesterol people do today on a regular basis. If you had some kind of pain you just waited for it to pass, only in extreme cases would people go to see doctors. I assume if my grand parents where to check their cholesterol levels their cholesterol ratio would be unacceptable for todays’ norms, which keeps me wondering how much of today’s obsession with decreasing cholesterol has actually benefited our lives, because come to think of it most of my grandparents passed away in their 80s, I sure don’t expect myself to live that long. I think it’s also possible that most of today’s food is growing in condition that keeps their nutritious value really low, almost any product that I remember as a child tasted better than they taste now. For instance we used to make eggplants on fire, the eggplants used to be thin & firm and after having them on fire most of the vegetable inside would still be in great shape. Today’s eggplants are enormously huge, however once you put them on fire you find out there’s nothing left inside, it’s like an empty shell and they taste kind of weird as well. So there you go, I’m starting to sound like my grandpa lol …the end.


Showcasing Middle Eastern Fashion In Muscat

When you think of fashion no doubt images of designer shoes by Christian Louboutin, bags by Louis Vuitton and dresses by Alexander Mcqueen come to mind. So when I was told about Muscat fashion week I really was unsure what to expect.

The show is held over three days and showcases Arab designers from Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Oman and Bahrain to name a few. The designers get a chance to show collections on the catwalks before opening up an exhibitors area to allow buyers to discuss the potential of stocking their brands in-store. There are also brands from outside the fashion world in the form of  e cigarettes including the likes of E-Lites and SKYCIG. They are promoting electronic cigarettes to what they class as an industry of smokers.

The first 2011 show was opened to rave reviews from all over the world and it has to be said some of the designs on show and the fabrics used were beautiful. The Middle East is definitely an area to look to for up and coming design talent and a will be following this years show very closely.


Why we hired an SEO consultant

Browsing through the internet, it occurred to me that nowadays, establishing and maintaining a good as well as strong online presence will go a long way for a business. As the competition gets fiercer and more cutthroat for various companies in different industries, the need to have an edge over the competitors also gets higher.

And since you are reading this blog, I believe you are also interesting in finding the many ways on how a business can have an edge over its competitors. For that, here is what I think you should try: try internet marketing.

Basically, an seo agency will help you boost your sales and establish as well as maintain a strong online presence for your business or company. So in essence, they will market or sell your business, products or services by using the internet as a tool.

Actually, these internet marketing companies offer a lot of different types of services. One of the most popular of such services is the search engine optimization.

If this concept is relatively new to you, here is a short explanation of it I can give you. Essentially, search engine optimization is an internet marketing strategy which aims and works to rank your website higher in search results page of various search engines. The key here is actually the use of the proper keywords in the right amounts. As a matter of fact, search engine optimization actually works like a domino effect.

As you may already know, ranking higher in search results page is very important to generate more traffic into your website. And when more traffic is driven to your website, you will have a higher chance of getting your products or services sold.


Why I Love My New Firewood Rack (Really)

My new firewood rack may not be the most exciting thing I have purchased in the last year but it has certainly turned out to be one of the most useful. You see it is not until you actually buy a firewood rack that you realize just what a difference they can make.

That it had a wonderful real wood burning fireplace was one of the reasons that we bought the home we currently live in in the first place. When we did buy the place the previous owner left behind a stack of firewood, all laid out rather neatly on the ground behind the house. Because that set up was already in place it never occurred to us to change anything. When we had used up all of that firewood we simply had more delivered and had it stacked on the floor in its place.

As nice as the fireplace was we found we did not use it that often. Fires were hard to start because the wood was often a bit damp and pulling a few logs out of the pile was a bit of a chore, especially since if you pulled out the wrong one the whole pile would come crashing down. The fact that the occasional mouse could be seen scurrying out of the wood pile did not help either.

Not so long ago though a neighbor pointed out that if I purchased a firewood holder most of these issues would no longer be a problem. And how right they were. Now our firewood is stacked neatly in the fire wood rack and the lid keeps the rain and moisture out so the wood is nice and dry and ready to burn. Individual logs are easier to get to without fear of injury as well! Best of all perhaps though is the fact that the firewood rack keeps the mice, and other assorted creatures, out of wood pile, meaning that unpleasant encounters with wood pile squatters are a thing of the past as well.


I Love Wine

Call me an alcoholic, but I love wine.

Yes, I live in wine country.

Yes, I drive by vineyards every day of the year.

Yes, my friends and family members work for wineries in one capacity or another and a month doesn’t go by without having some sort of free wine left on my doorstep.

Yes, most of that wine is expensive.

Yes, I’m a member of a wine of the month club that I help a bit when it comes to their website.

My wife thinks I might drink a bit too much, I like to consider it wine tasting, usually a bottle at a time instead of heavy drinking since I’m never drunk, ever.  Personally, I don’t see the problem!


My Recent Hair Loss Crisis…

The thought of losing my hair terrifies me.  My dad is 70 and still has a head full of thick hair, so I have always expected to enjoy the same luxury.  Up until a year ago, my hair was growing just fine and showed no signs of slowing down.  Unfortunately, I started having problems with a red, itchy scalp at the front of my hair near the hair line.  At first it was just annoying, but then my worst nightmare started happening: my hair started falling out.

At first it was just a piece or two, but then it started to fall out in larger chunks, day after day.  I panicked.  Was I going to have to get Rogaine?  A hair piece?  How bad could it get?

Then, one day, I remembered that my girlfriend had been raving about a hair growth oil she’s been using called mira hair oil.  It’s filled with a lot of hair growth herbs and it’s been a big help for her thin hair.  In desperation, I started to use it.  Amazingly, my scalp started to heal up the very next day and the hair started to grow back over the next few months, although it was a slow process.

The whole experience made me appreciate my hair even more.  I’m glad I was able to solve the problem without medical intervention and hope I never have to deal with it again.  If so, I’ll just have to hit up my girlfriend for another bottle of hair oil.  (For the record, I believe it may have been some sort of weird rash that irritated my scalp and caused the hair follicles to loosen.)


Getting A Start In The Stock Market

A lot of people never get around to investing in the stock market because they are too scared. Scared of everything that they don’t understand and along with the fear that they will never be able to learn it all. It is a shame that this is the case because these people never have the chance to take control of their financial futures like they should.

First of all if you are new to investing in stocks, you should go to your local book mart and pick up a copy of “Stock Market For Dummies” which is an inexpensive paperback book that will really help. In it you will learn most of the terminology you need to understand the basics of the market. Once you have some basic knowledge you will find it a lot easier to get started with things like opening a stock account and getting it funded.

Stocks are tricky because with the opportunity for a good return comes the risk of losing. Investing in the stock market is not something anyone can learn short term. You have to go into it with patience and the understanding that learning the ropes takes time and investing for retirement should be a lifelong endeavor.


Wealth In Muscat – Refrigerators TVs and Electronics Oh My!

Here in Oman there is an awful lot oil wealth to go around amongst the rich and powerful.  I have noticed that a lot of those who are fortunate enough to have access to this money really like to spend it!

While many Muscat residents do put on a show of modesty to the outside world, they have no qualms about decorating the insides of their houses with the very best.  I know of people who have huge plasma televisions, high-end appliances, fine clothing, and almost decadent flooring in their homes.

I would not be surprised to hear someone discussing whether they wanted a high-end Sub-Zero refrigerator or a Viking refrigerator for their homes second kitchen – who knows; perhaps they would go with one of each!

A lot of this consumption is not obvious from the street, but it definitely does not exist.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people who don’t spend in this manner.  For one thing not everyone has this type of money!

Of course, there is a whole second group of people who have ethical concerns with this kind of spending.  I’m pretty sure there are quite a few gentlemen living in Oman who could afford the finer things in life, but consciously choose to live without them.

Perhaps some of them prefer to spend more on products from the region.  Traditional Omani products can be quite appealing, and let them express more pride in their local identity than might be possible by importing expensive products from overseas.

Nevertheless, these expensive refrigerators, TV and other electronics can be found in some Omani homes.  You just have to know the right places to look!


A Simple Technique Cured My Sleep Apnea Problem

I had a rather mild case of sleep apnea, but I use mild lightly because the condition was still a problem for me and my wife.  We both were not getting much sleep.  Luckily the only real change I had to make to stop the sleep apnea was the position in which I sleep.  My whole life I was used to sleeping on my back, this caused my tongue to collapse into my throat when I fell asleep; the restriction of airflow is what caused the snoring.  After learning how to sleep on my side I no longer snore.  I consider myself among the lucky, seeing I didn’t have to go to a doctor and get one of the traditional sleep apnea treatments.


My Personal Debt Horror Story

During the great recession I was one of the millions who ended up losing my job.  After losing my job I needed to use my credit cards to survive until I found another job, which took quite a while.  At that point I was sinking and doing so very fast, I could no longer keep up with the monthly minimums and as a result all my interest rates went sky high.  I was stuck, and was very depressed about the situation.  Then one day I manned up and started looking for some debt relief options and stumbled across debt settlement.  Fast forward two years later and I am completely out of debt and making more money at my job than I was before the recession began.  The moral of the story is never to give up, even when things seem at their lowest.


A Golden Wedding Anniversary Spent In Muscat

Muscat is the capital of Oman, a country on the Arabian Sea that shares borders with Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates. My elder sister and her husband recently returned from a holiday in Muscat – a Golden Wedding Anniversary gift from their children – and they enjoyed a great two weeks in Muscat, which sits between the mountains and the sea.

The city itself is divided into distinct suburbs. The Sultan has a palace in Muscat, but most people live and work in Ruwi, a few miles inland, which is relatively new and features modern shopping centres and roads. The most popular area for visitors however is along the coast in the districts of Mutrah and Muscat which boast waterfronts and traditional alleyways.

Car hire is cheap, as, of course, is the petrol. If you want to venture inland there are inexpensive guided tours into the desert by 4 x 4 vehicles.

If you enjoy unusual holidays, don’t wait for your golden wedding anniversary to visit Muscat! And if you go take a tip and try the local dates, they taste so much better than the ones available in this country.


Glutera: The Best Supplement for Beauty and Health


Have you heard about Glutera supplement before? This beauty and health product is very well known in Indonesia because many girls have been using it to keep their body fit. Many girls consume this supplement because it contains the best antioxidant called glutathione. Glutathione is a protein, made up of three amino acids, that is produced by our own body.

The main benefits that glutathione gives to the body are: it is our body own master antioxidant. It is an immune system. It enhances the Detoxification of toxic, pollutants, chemical, etc. It regenerates mitochondria at the cellular level and giving you energy. And it has anti-aging effect to our cells. And there are still a lot more functions.

Glutathione is known as the master antioxidant. It called master antioxidant because it recycles these other antioxidant that comes through food supplement, such as vitamin C from fruit, spinach, broccoli, etc. This supplement is something that you need to fight off all the free radical and make you live a little bit longer.


Turkey as second most popular tourist spot in Asia

Tourism in Asia has experienced enormous expansion in last 20-30 years during world globalization and lower cost traveling.  International tourists choose China as their favorite travel destination in Asia with more than 57 million of tourists every year. For European tourists much closer destination is Turkey ranking in the second place with about 30 million international tourists yearly.  Third is Malaysia with about 24,5 million tourists in 2011.

Visitors in turkey are mainly interested in historical sites as well as beaches and seaside resorts by the Mediterranean sea. The good weather and relatively cheap prices has helped Turkey to reach second position in global tourism in Asia as well as sixth most popular tourist destination worldwide.  Culture, architecture, nature and recreational possibilities attracts even more tourists worldwide.  Foreign tourists mainly come from European countries such as UK, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Russia as well as Arabic countries – Iran, Saudi Arabia and Japanese, Chinese from Asia. However Americans, French or Swedish, Norwegians and Finnish – are not as common.

In past 10 years tourism in Turkey has grown more than 3 times. In year 2000 there were about 7-8 million people visiting Turkey, in 10 years it has reached more than 31 million tourists because of globalization,  good PR and marketing campaigns as well as reasonable prices and cheap flights. What is even more interesting – together with international tourist numbers the revenue was growing as well and reached 17.5$ billion in 2005, therefor Turkey reached the top 10 in the world by the revenue of tourism. Next country fallowing Turkey is Malaysia with more than 24 million people ranking it in the 9th place between most popular tourist destinations. The majority of tourists come from Singapore and Indonesia, as well as Thailand, China, Brunei, Australia and UK. Main tourist destination is Kuala Lumpur – the capital of Malaysia. For more information about tourism in Malaysia check – great advices for tourists.


Thank You for Being the Part of My Life


My first cat is Daisy, she always remained with me as I slept, watching over me. As a child, I rarely had a really close relationship with any person, just animals. I conversed with Daisy before I could talk to my friends, I was so introvert. My first friend was her, one who had four legs and always remained near me, part of my essence at all times.

Cats, whose human I have had the pleasure of being, live by a different standard.Every morning, really early, she woke me up and makes the sound of which hitting the floor never failed to get me out of bed. In the semidarkness, I shuffled downstairs behind her into the kitchen. There, she assumed a position in the center of the floor, erect, with her back to me. This was the signal for her to get her breakfast. I would set down her dish, make myself a coffee, and so we would have breakfast together.

Cats prefer to be part of a family, to learn, to create to show and receive affection. Daisy opened my eyes to all the possibilities of the feline-human relationship.I couldn’t remember the last time I had played hide-and-seek .The idea of play was no longer part of my life. Since I started to be busy, that’s the reason which leads me to have automatic cat feeder since I am not always at home every day. That’s nice when I am home a she wouldn’t leave me alone. Each night she got on the bed and lay beside me, leaning her weight against my leg. Thank you Daisy, for being the part of my life.


My New Comer Cat

Do you want a pet? Do you like a pet? Are you sure you can take a care of a pet?

A pet can be anything, a dog, a bird, a cat, or a reptile. It is surely not an easy task to take care of your cat, am I right? For the beginner, maybe you need something easy to be taken care of. Like a kitten or a puppy, they are cute and funny and so adorable. Don’t you think so? And before you decide that buying and having a t is cat easy, think back before you act, you may need to learn how to take care of your cat first, you need to treat them properly and make sure that your cat is being healthy and happy; you do not want to suffer your cat right? With your zero knowledge about taking care of a cat, I doubt your cat will like you as its owner, or even worst your cat will run away because you can not take care of it.

Cat is an awesome pet to have, that’s why I decided to adopting one more cat in my house. Adopting a cat can almost be compared with adopting a child.  It need the introduction time and adapted with the new surroundings. The type of introduction to a new home described above is a frightening experience for a cat. It was probably taken from a familiar place of security, or possibly evens a mother if it’s just a kitten, and is now being bombarded with change.

Both travel and change are not comfortable things for cats. Traumatized, the cat might scratch, bite, and possibly not eat or use the kitty litter. Using automatic cat feeder help a lot to take care of my funnies cat .Unfortunately, a frequent outcome is that the new owned home will pave the way for a rewarding and long lasting relationship. It’s important to remember, however, that this proper introduction to home and family requires time and patience. I thought it will be difficult before, but my new comer cat quickly adapt. I Leave the room and give the cat time alone to become familiar with the new surroundings. Then when I return after about an hour with food and some friendly cuddles he comes to accustom with me.


3 Great Places To Visit In Turkey

Turkey is a real haven for tourists as a country steeped in culture, where East meets West.

Check out our top 3 must see picks for anyone visiting this wonderful country;

1.The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

If you want to visit one of the oldest markets in the world then The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is up there.  This huge covered market is a haven for bargain hunters with goods from all different cultures and from all around the world.  Just remember haggling is a necessity here but don’t be afraid to walk away – there will be plenty of bargains available!

2.The Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Staying in Istanbul, The Blue Mosque is up there as one of Turkey’s most famous buildings.  Although this is a definite tourist attraction, it should be remembered that is still a functioning mosque so when you visit please bear that in mind.  The building itself was built in the 1600’s and has 6 high minarets and the interior is covered in blue tiles made in the town Iznik.  It really is a wonderfully iconic building.


If you are Australian or from New Zealand, chances are you already know the significance of Gallipoli.  This is where thousands of Allied Troops from the two countries lost their lives during a bungled mission in The Great War (WWI) and is marked annually by ANZAC Day.  The area has outstanding natural beauty and offers a chance for visitors to pay their respects to the fallen.

Whilst in Gallipoli, you could also visit nearby Troy, and climb in the Trojan horse!  



Driving in the 3rd World

One of our jobs here is to make sure that all of our Embassy staff have a successful and smooth transition to living and working in a high stress job, tens of thousands of miles from home in a country many have never before visited.

Working in Turkey can be a trip, but it is literally the trip to the office which astounds many people.  One of the first things we do with new embassy employees, is to take them on a defnensive driving crash course.  If they have never had the priviledge in driving in the 3rd world, realizing that traffic lights are only suggestions and that one left hand turn lane will sometimes be used by three cars taking the turn simultaneously, can be rather upsetting at best.


Embassy Security

Obviously in the last decade security around internatinal embassies has been upped and it is a very different world we live in. Different countries pose different threats but you have to be ware that terrorism can strike any place and at any time. 

Logistically it is can be difficult and expensive to move a security team around the world so on occasion we look for security solutions that will be suitable in certain countries.

For close protection Scotland was one of the best and had extremely professional security in place that knew exactly what they were doing at all times. In these situations organisation is key as is communication and I could not fault one thing in regards to the organisational skills of the security team or the communication.

It is interesting to see how countries differ in their security and I certainly have a better understanding of how I can assess situations and make sure that I am doing what I can as well as summing up any potential situations.

Hopefully we will see a day when these measures are not quite as necessary but there are many sensitive issues being dealt with so it seems a long way off.




Winning The Battle Of The Bulge

I have always had a love/hate relationship with my scale and the foods I eat.  The thing is, I LOVE to cook, and I absolutely love to eat.  I am not what some would consider an emotional eater, but I do find myself eating and cooking just as a means of keeping myself busy.  

I am a stay at home mom, which means I find myself thinking about what I am going to cook and eat next.  As a matter of fact, every single minute of my life seems to be a countdown to when I will eat next.  With that in mind, I have found that I am constantly struggling with my weight.  My body mass index is certainly healthy and in the normal range, but I know I look and feel better when I am not carrying around extra pounds.  

The problem is, I often don’t get the time I need and want to exercise properly.  I may have an hour one day to squeeze in a workout, but then can’t find a minute to exercise again for three more days.  It makes sticking with a set workout schedule extremely difficult as a result.  After some research, I found a website,  This website is amazing because it offers a variety of different workout programs that are tried and true by the creators.  Just about every type of workout you could imagine is on there, as well as some of the most popular workouts that people are doing right now.  It gives honest to goodness reviews for which workouts work, and which workouts are a waste of time.  What’s more, there are a ton of different workouts available for people like me who have erratic schedules and no free time.  This means that I can beat the battle of the bulge.  I get to have my cake, and eat it too!


The Finest Choices

Meeting with and entertaining important figures from all around the world can be hard logistically and providing them with the quality and comforts that they have been accustomed to is important but on occassion can be difficult.

Making sure you have all the best foods and the people who can prepare it to a high standard makes a huge difference and can make people feel very welcome and impress the right kind of people. The same can be said of drink and taking a fine whisky like on here can also leave people with a good feeling about yourself and your conduct.

These small things can make a huge difference in the impressions that you make on people and how they will then speak to others about you. The details of any such meetings are very important and the quality on show will always be an indicator of how highly someone is regarded so treating everyone with the highest regar will reflect all the more better on you.

It is not difficult to go that extra step in ensuring that you are offering the best quality and there will be no issues and of course the added bonus that you will get to experience these pleasures as well as the guest.

Research online can reveal options and expert opinions that you can look at and judge how well they can apply to yourself and your situation.



All about Muscat Turkey

If you’re tired of the usual tourist destinations and want to try something different you can take a flight from Muscat to Turkey and see some of the most beautiful sights in the world. This isn’t as hard to do as before since you can now book flights online and see the dates, schedule and other details to make your trip hassle free. 
Tourist Attractions in Muscat

Muscat, the capital of Oman, has a lot of tourist attractions, including the Zawawi, Ruwi and Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosques. A trip to the city will also bring you face to face with attractive Hindu temples and Christian churches too. If you go online and look up tourist attractions in Muscat you will see that it has a lot of museums including the Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum, Omani French Museum and Oman Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre. 

Tourist Attractions in Turkey

There are plenty of websites devoted to Turkey tourist hotspots, complete with information about the landmark’s history, how to get there, and other facts. One of the major tourist attractions is Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and its gigantic dome over 1,000 feet in diameter. You will also want to drop by the town of Göreme and check out its unusual rock formations, or you can visit the ruins of the Library of Celsus at Ephesus.

While Turkey is well known for its many historical sites, it is also renowned for the blue lagoon and sandy bay at the village of Olüdeniz. In addition, you can also visit Bodrum and enjoy its many beaches, the sophisticated restaurants, and its fine shops.

These are just some of the attractions you will see if you go to Muscat Turkey. You can find a lot more information on the Web complete with travel details. On the other hand, if you are considering putting up a website about Turkey travel information, it is important for you to check the best web design pricing you can find.


Understanding Pet With Automatic Cat Feeder Wet Food

My lovely cat Neko was really funny. Every time I needed a friend to accompany with, it’s always be there for me. Then I got my first job in a big company. I statted to be bussy, leaving the house in the early morning then arrived at night. I hardly never hardly never had time with neko. I ask my house maid to take care of it especially for feeding Neko. On weekend I have a longer time to stay at home.

I wish I could played around with it, but I felt Neko stay away from me, it didn’t come to me when I called its name. It’s really hurted me inside, I saw Neko was getting thiner. I ws really guilty, I did’t want Neko walked out my life. Neko was really fat before. Then one day I found an automatic cat feeder wet food on my internet page. I thougt it’s the solution of my problem, even I was not always be ther for Neko, the  important thing is its welfare. Automatic cat feeder is really great I can controle Neko’s meal when I am not home. Now I see Neko get its weight back. I am sorry Neko. That’s was my experience, Hopefully it can be a lesson for you, how bussy you are don’t ever neglect your cat. Even only an animal it has the same feeling and can fell the affection.


Finding Medical Care

So in what feels like a past life, I had a job at a San Diego Chiropractic office.  It was a fun job on a number of levels, not the least of which is that it paid well and had incredible medical coverage for me and my family.

So here’s the question-what’s the situation in Turkey? I mean, I know that the state delivers a base medical care for all of its citizens-but is that something that we can count on as tourists or embassy workers from a foreign government?  I know I will have coverage, but are local hospitals set up to take care of executives who are visiting and those of us who aren’t accustomed to living outside the United States?


My High Blood Pressure

You should know that when you are looking into normal blood pressure chart information for information on your pressure, you should know that you should not go off from just one blood pressure reading. You should have a number of readings but will want to get the average of those readings to see if your blood pressure is high or low.

When trying to see if the pressures are high, you want to avoid times of the day when your pressure is higher such as in the middle of the day. This will occur between noon and four. The lowest that your pressure will be will be between 3 and 5 a.m. Some of the blood pressure chart’s will take note of this.

You should know that some people suffer from what is known as the white coat syndrome. This simply implies that the person or patient that is getting a physical or exam done by a doctor might have high blood pressure because of the stress of being at the doctors office. This can be also from the appearance of the doctor’s office such as the smell of alcohol and the disinfectant. This type of environment is not a relaxing one and therefore can cause a patient to become upset, stressed or even fatigued. For this reason alone, it might be a good idea to have your own blood pressure machine at home where you can take readings at multiple times of the day for a series of a week at a time.

No matter what the circumstance, the doctor may advise you of several steps that can be taken in order to make healthier choices daily. Stop smoking is going to be at the top of the list if you are a smoker and if not, if you’re obese, then they will advise you to lose weight. A variety of other changes can be made to help decrease the high blood pressure you could suffer from.


Musings About Eating, Drinking and Wine

wine in Turkey!One thing the Turks have been really, really clear about is that they don’t feel that people see the entirety of their coutry without experiencing its food culture.  Part of that culture includes an active cafe scene and despite the highly religious nature of the country as a whole, there is a level of tollerance here not experienced in the rest of the Muslim world for both outsiders and western customs like alcohol.

Specifically, you won’t have a problem purchasing a wine gift here for a number of reasons, not least of which is that the Turks still think of themselves as a trading post for the western and eastern world’s.  Wine and food of course have been traded here for centuries and I think it speaks to the level of sophistication of their culture that people can still enjoy a glass of wine at dinner without incident.

It’s impressive don’t you think?


A Look at the Value of Electric Litter Boxes.

Having a pet is a serious task, you love your pet right? And I am sure you will not want to make your pet less comfortable right? So I have a little suggestion or just a little advise about that. An automatic cat litter box is your answer for that question. There are a lot of type for automatic cat litter box, so what have you do is just find the most suitable for you and for your pet. Do not just look at the appearance but also look at the advantages and also the disadvantages. So the choice is up to you. But if you want further information you can check here at the automatic cat litter box.

The most easiest to use but expensive. These models are equipped with automatic combing mechanisms, which sweeps clumps from the compartment, and into a disposable bag container after your kitty is done using it. Some of the models available have sensors or pressure pads, which allow the machine to know if the cat has already left.

Litter Robot II, Lowest operation costs, Min maintenance, Consistent performance, the biggest waste vessel. CatGenie, Full Automatic – No plastic bags or waste removal, It sanitizes – flushes waste away leaving reusable dry granules. Scoopfree, Crystal litter provide very effective odor control, Clean-up is dust free.

PetSafe Simply Clean, Low initial & operating cost, No moving rake, Low noise level. SmartScoop, Large litter area 14 x 16 inch, Moderate to high noise level,Rake cleaning system it self, even though still better than LitterMaid. LitterMaid LM980, Like the LitterMaid 580, it has high walls, the rake is made of plastic, comes in colors of toupe green and tan, and can be automatically or manually activated. Unlike the LME 9000 MB, LME 980 does not have a sleep mode, no ionizer and does not come in silver and black colors. All three have built-in cleaning ramps and comes along with a cleaner for the rake and scooper.


Turkey as second most popular tourist spot in Asia

Tourism in Asia has experienced enormous expansion in last 20-30 years during world globalization and lower cost traveling.  International tourists choose China as their favorite travel destination in Asia with more than 57 million of tourists every year. For European tourists much closer destination is Turkey ranking in the second place with about 30 million international tourists yearly.  Third is Malaysia with about 24,5 million tourists in 2011.

Visitors in turkey are mainly interested in historical sites as well as beaches and seaside resorts by the Mediterranean sea. The good weather and relatively cheap prices has helped Turkey to reach second position in global tourism in Asia as well as sixth most popular tourist destination worldwide.  Culture, architecture, nature and recreational possibilities attracts even more tourists worldwide.  Foreign tourists mainly come from European countries such as UK, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Russia as well as Arabic countries – Iran, Saudi Arabia and Japanese, Chinese from Asia. However Americans, French or Swedish, Norwegians and Finnish – are not as common.

In past 10 years tourism in Turkey has grown more than 3 times. In year 2000 there were about 7-8 million people visiting Turkey, in 10 years it has reached more than 31 million tourists because of globalization,  good PR and marketing campaigns as well as reasonable prices and cheap flights. What is even more interesting – together with international tourist numbers the revenue was growing as well and reached 17.5$ billion in 2005, therefor Turkey reached the top 10 in the world by the revenue of tourism. Next country fallowing Turkey is Malaysia with more than 24 million people ranking it in the 9th place between most popular tourist destinations. The majority of tourists come from Singapore and Indonesia, as well as Thailand, China, Brunei, Australia and UK. Main tourist destination is Kuala Lumpur – the capital of Malaysia. For more information about tourism in Malaysia check - great advices for tourists.


Muscat Bans Smoking In Public Places

On April 2nd 2010 Muscat followed the lead of many other countries across the globe by banning smoking cigarettes in public places, this is to include hotels, shopping centers, workplaces just to name a few. For those that don’t follow the law they will be fined, to add to this owners of premises where smokers are found will also be fined.

This is great news for many non-smokers but where does this leave smokers, I myself have found an answer to that, electronic cigarettes. They can be smoked like a normal cigarette but don’t contain the many carcinogens the tobacco cigarettes do. The smoke, or vapor as it is known with e-cigs, is also odorless and cannot not harm second hand smokers.

I myself use E-Lites and they have been great so far, not felt the need to smoke a cigarette for months. I also found a great deal by using an E-Lites discount code to get me started.

So, if you have felt the impact of the Muscat smoking ban I would recommend you take a look at e-cigs as they are a great alternative.


An old mans guide to finding a web design template

In today’s entire world, it is sometimes complicated to imagine a small business or a professional organization with no web existence.  There is also an increasing pattern towards people maintaining their particular websites which are typically distributed to the group of individuals. Aside from the developing web recognition, the factors which may have added towards spurt within number of web sites with the increase in comfort and decrease inside expenses related to web designing. You must find professional web designers to produce your website; web design templates are adequate to suit your needs.

Nevertheless, web design templates will not kill web designing as being a job; somewhat, that they focus on an alternative portion of customers with cost restrictions. Even web designers will use these  derive imaginative motivation or perhaps might customize and make use of these when they are underneath time constraints. In fact, there must be adequate good reasons to purchase something that is also available elsewhere. One clear reason could be the type of patterns. The particular compensated templates have extremely professional appear detailed with the best kind of artwork, palettes, and  framework. Web design templates are appropriate for those people who are certainly not in web planning. Web design templates provide them with the first aspects to generate several types of web site designs.

Specialist web developers that are skilled and have significantly experience of developing fantastic  web page template styles; generate these web templates. Web design template helps in creating individuals perception with the organization. The conversion process rates of web sites are solely depending on the particular simplicity with the internet site. A powerful web design is the one that will loads speedily and a manner that can be realized from the site visitors. Converting website visitors in to buyers is the sites task and when it is inadequately developed it isn’t really performing well.


How to Take Care of Your Cat in Muscat

Are you planning to have a pet cat? Before you go out rushing to the pet stores in Muscat, there are a few things that you must first learn about and that one of them is how to take care of a cat correctly. You don’t want your cat to get sick or leave you right? So before you buy a cat in Muscat, make sure that you fully understand each of the tips given below.

Spend Some Time with Your Cat
Cats are independent and they can play by themselves. But even so, they will still need some of your attention. Don’t buy a cat if you know that you won’t be able to spend some time with it. Cats are like people. They will be hurt if you’ll constantly ignore them.

Provide a Litter Box
Well of course you can’t just let your cat litter in any box in your house. Cats need a place to litter so before buying a cat, make sure you already have a

Make Sure That Your Cat Gets Vaccinated
Just like people, cats are not immune to diseases so they will have to be vaccinated. Vaccines will help your cat’s immunity be stronger so if ever a virus will attack its body, its immune system will know how to fight it. There are veterinary clinics in Muscat that may give the vaccines that your cat needs.

Just always bear these tips in mind and surely you will be able to take care of your cat correctly. You are now ready to have a cat.


Having Pets In The Family Is Great

I love having pets in the family.  They really do make us enjoy life together and they give the kids an opportunity to learn all about responsibility, with plenty of supervision by mum and dad of course.  I have one dog – a lab called Billy, a cheeky little tortoiseshell  cat called Gem and two rabbits that my five year old daughter has named Timmy and Tommy.  All the kids get involved with looking after them and I absolutely love spoiling them rotten.  When ever I go out shopping, I always come back with a treat for one of the animals (and the kids of course!).  Just the other week I bought Gem the cat a lovely piece of cat litter furniture from  It hides away her litter tray from view and from the outside it looks like a lovely end table that fits goes with all the other furniture in my dining room.  If you saw it, you would never know it had a litter tray inside it!  It is great for keeping it out of view and it keeps those nasty cat smell trapped inside as well.  Gem adores it as it gives her a place of refuge and safety away from the dog and the kids so she can sleep in peace.  Luckily the Gem and Billy get on fine but some times they do bug each other! 


Wine Gift Baskets-Not Perfect But Close

Buying wine gift baskets isn’t that easy when you’re in Turkey.  Of course, from my time stationed in New York I picked up a few things. First, during a trip to Napa Valley right before Christmas one year, I realized that you could put these things together yourself if you wanted to.

Buy some baskets (easy, really easy).

Add some wine (more difficult, but foreigners and foreign embassies have great selections)

Add some other food products (a local market is basically outside my home).

Put them together and give away your new gift basket.  Honestly, it seems pretty easy doesn’t it?


How the “Arab Spring” encourages entrepreneurship

The Arab spring countries have consecutively been dominated by islamists parties and this places the Islamic finance on the right track towards capturing massive opportunities in terms of customer network. The revolutionary wave of demonstrations is known to have built positive encouragement to people with regards to entrepreneurship. Since the first uprising of these nations back in 1919, loans build up and increasing debt in terms of money has seen the same countries somehow impact world economies. Social media has been included as part of the reason why these countries seem to be performing exemplary in working out their issues. As they share one thing in common, the same concept has led to people gaining interest in entrepreneurship, and money will in fact not be an issue. This is because the customer growth has been calculated to increase, and where customer network increases, loans and the issuance of money becomes less of a problem. This is because these relations are creating loans opportunities and now people can easily borrow money from member countries instead of relying on lenders from one country. There is, however, challenge demulsifying the Islamic finance regardless of the signed agreements. With the popular Hameed notes taking charge, even western financial firms are willing to invest.

Eager to learn more? Go here and read more about entrepeneurship and car financing:


How Abu Dhabi saved Dubai from financial meltdown

When countries like places like Dubai begin to fail financially, it becomes a disturbing fact. Generally, money and loans define the performance in world economies. The $80 billion debts of loans had become a major concern before their rich neighbor came into their aid. Alternatively, Abu Dhabi played a key role in safeguarding Dubai from financial meltdown. Well, they were there today (Abu Dhabi), but will they be there tomorrow? Dubai is one of the fastest developing cities in the world, and their skyline could say no less. While Britain plans to raise thrice the loans in the financial market this year, western banks still feel affected when it comes to money owed.

These days, countries have come very close into bankruptcy due to loans taken to cover development and feeding. While in some 3rd world countries it would be constrained to feeding, in others, setting up sky scrapers has become a trend. The crisis affecting Dubai is no less connected with money than it is connected with debts. The US, Germany and Britain have seen what it’s like to owe money to someone, and yet, that person still continues accumulating loans here and there. If you borrow Jack to pay Tom, then we cannot say that you have covered your debts as with the case of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Learn more about financial structures:


Exchanging Recipes In Turkey

While on vacation in Turkey a while back I had the luxury of staying with a friendly Armenian Orthodox family.  They were delighted to have a fellow Christian – even if there were some doctrinal differences! – come to visit them from America.

While I was there they cooked me some delicious Turkish meals.  I found it fascinating how they incorporated a lot of middle eastern cooking techniques into their food preparation.  Clearly mealtime anywhere is something that is shaped more by cultural norms than religious norms.  They even used Halal meat prepared according to Islamic norms, they didn’t think there was anything unusual about this, so it was certainly not my place to comment on it.

I wanted to prepare them some good American food while I was there, but unfortunately my cooking skills are not the greatest! I did my best to make a couple of American style steaks, along with some baked potatoes and candied carrots.  While everyone was very polite, I don’t think my meal was a huge success – though the kids did devour my candied carrots!

Their son is planning to study in America one day, so I’m hoping some of the family may end up coming to visit me in the future.  If so, I’ll be sure to feed them something better next time.


Studying Engineering

I’m in the middle of a degree in engineering. It is a dry subject to say the least. I, like most of my peers, find it hard to build up any great enthusiasm for my engineering studies. I perhaps find it harder because I always loved English Literature at school and did well in the subject. I enjoy reading the classics and I have a blog which I regularly update where I experiment with creative writing – different genres, narrative techniques etc. This is something I am far more passionate about.

However, I decided when I finished my school studies that if I wanted to go to university I should study something that was getting to get me a job after graduating. It is very hard to become a successful novelist or critic. Even writing articles for a magazine is a cut throat business with few openings. Getting a degree is a huge expense nowadays. That huge expense means a huge debt. I always thought of debt as the sword of Damocles that hangs over one’s head threatening to kill or at least maim.

So it is that I’m stuck studying purified graphites, moments, wire erosion, tension, materials, dying, design, aerospace and so on. The only really interesting thing about engineering from my point of view is the biographies of the famous engineers of the past. The stories of people like Thomas Edison and Isambard Kingdom Brunel are inspirational. Despite criticism and personal danger they triumphed and radically changed the world with their engineering feats, maybe more so than Dickens, Keats and Sophocles. The world needs writers, but perhaps the world needs engineers even more.

It is this that I try to keep in mind when I am faced with another long day in the labs or writing up yet another report.


How to Make Your First Pet Comfortable In New Environment

When you are not interested in a relationship yet. The first thing that comes into your head is to get a friend who can be so lovable but does not disturb your life that much. And a cat pet can be a good choice. But, getting a new cat pet can be so bothersome sometimes. Especially, when it is your new one.

First time is always hard. Cat needs as much attention as the human. But don’t you worry, as long as you follow this tips bellow, your new experiment as the new owner can not be that difficult. First, what you need is to get it a new home. Cat can be so independent but she still needs a place to do her business, self cleaning cat litter box can be a great help for her and you. Read carefully this automatic cat litter box reviews for help.

It can also help you to keep your house clean. You absolutely do not want to find your cat’s feces in your lovely garden, or worse on your new carpet. Second, you have to give her a lot of attention. Cat likes to be stoked and to be spoiled. She likes to be treated like a queen. Every time you get home for work, greet her and carry her in your arm. Stroke her fur; it will help her to get more comfortable with you.

Do not drop your cat when she struggles from your arm and scratches you. Put her gentle on the floor, and call her by her name softly. Do not ignore your cat when she does not want to approach you. Every time you ignore her, she will eventually get away from you. It maybe hard at first but if you patient enough she will loves you in the end. Third, do not forget to get her vaccinated.

It is the most important thing to do when you get a pet. As healthy as a cat can be, she still can be infected by a virus. You do not want to your cat die within a week under your care, don’t you? So regularly check up won’t hurt you and your cat. Taking care a cat is not difficult anymore if you know how to handle it, isn’t it. So do not hesitant to get a new pet. Everybody can be a good owner by mature.


Wine Gifts from Muscat

Ok, so maybe given the situation in the Middle East shouldn’t make us more interested in luxury items, but one has to wonder exactly how much money the rulers of these countries spend on stuff like cars, wine and even the type of unique wine gifts you know they’re giving to their lovers and mistresses.

So the Turkish Embassy actually helped me learn quite a bit about the history in regard to wine growing in the region which is much appreciated.  To start, yes Israeli has the most advanced wine culture, vinticulture programs and Universities in the region.  We should try and leverage those assets, especially with the worldwide wine community in California where Israeli’s are well thought of, but more people than average (for America at least) want to help Palestinieans.  Egypt once grew wine, but a lot of people think that the hill towns of Lebanon can really grow good grapes and the ehtnic and religious mix of the country wouldn’t be as toxic for either people coming to work locally, or for people around the world to buy the wine.  Let’s try and encourage and help Labanon to have a real wine program!


Cheaper Wine That’s Better!

I think we all know that everyone in this economy would like to save a buck or two right?  Heck, look at the explosive growth from companies like Groupon and Living Social and you’ll see how effective deals and deal websites can be.

Anyway, if you’re looking for good and cheap wine then finding a quality cheap wine club could be an attractive option don’t you think?  The best and highest quality cheap wine clubs offer something different than your standard grocery store wine departments, they offer a range of wines that are not otherwise available, but are still incredibly high quality.

That’ll work won’t it?


Too Much Bad Wine

Are you sick and tired of the same old tired wine choices?

Personally, I don’t really see the point of most wine lists.  They’re stuffed with the same wines from one restaurant to the next and they are all marked up 300% of retail-why would I ever spend my money with any of those restaurants on wine? Is it that hard to find 90 point wine clubs anymore and simply copy their selections on your monthly wine list?

Seriously people, some customers do actually care about quality-what are you doing for us?


Turkish Embassy Finds Time To Relax

If you talk about the Turkish embassy I am sure you would imagine they would be hard at work and have a great many important things to deal with. This is most certainly true but at times they do need to take their mind of the very important work they do and relax.

One way that has proved popular is to play chess. Chess is a great game that keeps the mind sharp but can also relax you and that is the reason it is proving so popular. There are a great many variations of chess boards that are available on the market and one of the most interesting and fun currently on the market is the one that has been released by DC Comics.

The game board itself has an interesting design centered around the Batman theme and the pieces are actually the much loved characters from the series.

The usual and expected suspects are present with Batman, Robin, The Joker, Catwoman and Penguin to name just a few and the game is proving to be really popular.

Whether or not the Turkish embassy would be interested in the Batman version of chess is not for me to say but I am sure they would find it just as enjoyable as anyone else. Reports also suggest that the use of these characters has influenced a younger generation to start playing the game and perhaps changed peoples minds as to how the game is perceived.

Only time will tell if this will see a huge influx of people turning towards chess but with the popularity of video games it is hard to see it making that big an impact. It is good though that there are a new breed of chess fans coming through thanks to this great game.




Party in the Jungle

I read recently that people in the developed world spend 90% of their lives indoors. That strikes me as incredibly sad and unnatural. When we start to suffer from the effects of Global Warming we may well be forced to stay inside more, but for the time being it is great to be outside -well for me anyway. One of my biggest thrills is outdoor parties. It is for this reason that I recently went to the small Thai island of Koh Phangan. It is an island that was mostly unheard of outside traveler circles until they started hosting a beach party called the Full Moon Party.

During the 1990s and early 2000s the party grew and grew and nowadays it attracts over 20,000 likeminded party souls to the beaches of Haad Rin to large it through the night and well into the next day. In Thailand success is emulated. This is true in Koh Phangan where the Full Moon Party is now complimented by the Half Moon Party, the Black Moon Party, the Jungle Experience and the Shiva Moon Party. I hasten to add that this is far from an exhaustive list of the parties in Koh Phangan.

From my point of view, all these parties are great because they are all held outdoors – some on the beach and some in the jungle.

When I went I didn’t manage to time my visit with the Full Moon (I just missed it) but I did catch the Jungle Experience Party. This party is held 1 day before the Full Moon and 5 days after the Full Moon prty. It is held in a jungle clearing not far from the small village of Bantai. This is where I got a cheap bungalow.

The Jungle Experience was 300 Thai Baht to get in ($10) with a free drink because I went after 11pm. If you go before it is free entry. The area had plenty of drinks and food stalls. Around the party area were fluorescent decorations and there was a small river. It was a picturesque and weird setting.

The music was very loud. There was 1 DJ booth with a VDJ doing the visuals on a screen nearby. The music was mostly psy-trance and progressive house. It didn’t change much but by 2am the crowd got really into the music and that lifted the event despite the lack of variety in the tunes. I loved it. I got drunk on 2 buckets of Thai whiskey and coke and danced around like a mad man. I made several new friends.

We ended up leaving the party at 9am and walking to Bantai where the Ban Sabai free party was just starting. We had some beers and danced some more before I wandered off to find my bungalow. What a night outside in the jungle!


Haad Rin Guide

For those not familiar with the place, Haad Rin is the name of the small town on the Thai island of Koh Phangan where the world’s largest monthly beach party happens.  It is a party that attracts up to 30,000 people every month. Despite the huge numbers of party goers, Haad Rin remains a small place. This is because it is hemmed in on a peninsula: to the east, west and south are the ocean and to the north is hilly terrain.

The advantage of the small size of Haad Rin is that it is easy to get around on foot. It takes only a few minutes to make it from the sunset beach to the sunrise beach. Even Haad Sarikantang farther down the west coast of the peninsula is only 15 minutes away from the full moon party beach.

The disadvantage of Haad Rin’s size is that the number of rooms in Haad Rin is limited. There are only about 10,000 rooms. The demand during the Full Moon Party is much higher. This means it is essential to book well in advance or go to Haad Rin 4 or 5 days before the party to get a bungalow near the action. As a result of the limit on accommodation all the resorts insist on a minimum stay of 4 or 5 nights during the full moon period. This does not suit a lot of people. The alternative is to stay elsewhere on Koh Phangan or to stay on the neighboring island of Koh Samui and take the boat in on the night of the party.

Haad Rin has the best selection of bars, cafes and restaurants on the island. You can find plenty of lively bars to drink in. They often have entertainment, drinks offers and other events. The choice of cuisine is also impressive. In Haad Rin you can find Indian food, Italian, Scandinavian, Israeli and of cause Thai food. Haad Rin is a self-contained spot that caters for most holiday needs.

And best of all, Haad Rin sunrise beach is a beautiful stretch of fine white sand with a sea that is suitable for year-round swimming. It is a great place to both party and relax.


Pertaining to Pitchfork and the Term Hipster

Recently there has been a lot of focus on a new subculture with a recycled name: hipsters. We live in a world where new subcultures are created at a whiplash pace. But this one drives me the craziest, especially when it has something to do with the web site,

Don’t get me wrong: there are definitely people who could be considered indie snobs. Because an artist is mainstream, they immediately hate any output from that particular artist. But I have seen an ungodly amount of hate for anything that would be considered indie, including While I think some of the reviews on Pitchfork’s web site may be quick to either dismiss or praise a certain artist or band, I don’t think that makes them any different from the people who openly dismissed Arcade Fire following their Grammy win.

Plus, with the open musical sea that has become of the Internet, an artist on the indie scene can become mainstream darlings relatively quick. From the Grammy nominations for Bon Iver to the recent SNL bands like The Black Keys, the divide between hipster and mainstream is too blurry to keep up the divides.

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